Coming to you in Digital HD

Welcome to my updated blog. I started writing here again because of something I saw recently from Gary Vaynerchuk. At the tail end of his presentation in Australia (39 min. into the video), he talked about his legacy and the importance all of his social interactions, especially video, have in creating a legacy that his grand-kids and great, great grand-kids will have of him and his life.

That was a mindset shifting idea for me. Just think about how we used to capture moments with our grandparents: 8mm camcorders, printed pictures? Even now, we use digital pictures and videos captured on our phones that are stored on Google and Apple cloud. We’ve come a long way and the next evolutionary step is to submit all of this content into the public arena.

This is exactly what the current generation of bloggers, vloggers, Youtubers and Instagramers have realized at an earlier age than previous generations. They are leaving a raw, emotion-filled legacy for future generations to learn about them.

Time to start documenting my journey.

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