The missing Chrome browser extensions

Today there was an announcement from Google about an update to Chrome that will support browser extensions. These extensions are very popular in Firefox because they enhance the Web surfing experience by removing unwanted ads, flash videos and other annoyances. In my previous write up about Chrome I didn’t mention extensions as a major hole in Chrome probably because I didn’t use them as much as others might have or I took for granted that I had them installed.

After hearing about ad-block plus and flashblock, I decided to give them a try in my Firefox browser. Wow, what a difference these extensions make!! Browsing is much faster and you are no longer inundated with annoying ads and auto-play flash videos. I ended up looking through the extension library and saw a few more that would be nice to have in Chrome to make this a more complete browser. But in saying that I must also reiterate the things I found really interesting about Chrome in the first place, namely the browser layout, integration of search and history all combining to offer a new Web browsing experience.

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