Mobile Friends – Meebo Style

Meebo comes to G1

Meebo on G1

I wrote a post earlier about the Google App Market on the G1 being one of it’s greatest features. It got even better this past week with the addition of the meebo application for G1. For those of you unfamilar with meebo, it is a web site that keeps you connected to all of your IM networks from a single browser page. I have been a big fan of meebo for a awhile because it allows me to see all of of my Google, MSN and Yahoo IM contacts in a single list, from any computer and I don’t need to install any software. This works great because sometimes I don’t have my computer with me. What more can you ask for?

When it showed up in the Google App Market, I was ecstatic!! Prior to the meebo app, the G1 had separate apps for each IM account which was not very practical. With meebo for the G1, I am now have the ability to easily IM my friends from anywhere, with or without a pc.

IM from Anywhere with any Buddy

The biggest drawback with IM for me was the fact that even though it had been a very good tool for instant communication with a colleague or group of people, the lack of interoperability between different IM systems was a drag on the technology. I mean can MSN, Google, Yahoo or AIM realistically believe that their customer’s friends will all be on the same IM network? Or that they could force their customers to change to their network? Of course not.

Taking a page from the e-mail playbook, IM is becoming more of a standard and the IM vendors are starting to understand that it is in their best interest to open the path for interoperability with different systems. This network agnostic approach has worked beautifully in e-mail to spur innovation to the benefit of the consumer. There are applications that have taken advantage of multi-IM integration…see Trillian. Meebo has taken this to another level with ‘access anywhere’ from a Web browser and exceptional ease of use. Simply get onto a computer, now mobile device, and connect to all your buddies.

Like I said I have been using meebo for months, have been extremely happy and would recommend to anyone with multiple IM accounts or if you just need to contact you friends while you without your pc.

Disclaimer: I don’t work for meebo, but it sounds like a nice place to work and they are really pushing the envelope.

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