Google has gone mobile

Let me introduce you to my new best friend, the G1 from T-Mobile and Google. T-Mobile G1After playing with the G1 for the past few days, I can say that I am blown away by how well thought out the product is. Within 5 minutes I was up and running with my contacts, inbox and calendar synched from my gmail account. Having been a blackberry user for the past 4 years, I never thought I would find a better OS mixing phone, messaging and e-mail, but the G1 changed my mind.

Top 3 features of the G1:

1) The Andriod Market has been a welcome surprise. New apps are continuously being added, but even better are the new enhancements to apps based on user feedback. The K-9 Mail app is a great example of this back and forth with developer Jesse Vincent.

2) The built-in keyboard made the transition from my blackberry seamless and the combination of the trackball with the touchscreen is a game changer in navigation through web pages and apps.

3) The three home screens that switch with the flick of a finger is great. This is a feature that I wouldn’t mind seeing on my laptop.

Things I would like to see:

1) A good video player

2) Video recording

3) Apps for facebook and LinkedIn to make my life even easier

4) somehow available on the G1

5) Tethering with my laptop

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