Should Energy Independence Be Priority #1 For The Next President?

Last week’s debate was interesting, albeit uneventful. One of the more interesting takeaways for me was the support that both candidates showed for energy independence. In some ways, they were saying it would be the cure for the current financial mess the economy is facing. Now I am not sure how much thought, time or effort the candidates put into coming up with figuring out how to fix the economy, but doesn’t it seem like they need to spend a little more time on it? I mean energy independence is very important and it absolutely plays a critical role in national security, America’s place in the world as well as helping the economy recover. The problem I see is that the biggest elephant in the room wrt the financial crisis still needs to be addressed and without addressing it, we will be right back in this boat.

The elephant I speak of is the almost drug-like addiction most of America has for buying on credit. It is something that the government has succumbed to already. I believe this is one of the most fundamental changes in the pursuit of the American dream over the past hundred years. Somewhere along the way, the value of a hard earned dollar bill has been replaced by the need to spend.

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