Moving full speed, full stop and back to full speed

TitanicWhen you have an ocean liner running at pretty good clip and then throw on the brakes, you can imagine the impact on the ship and resulting waves. Then when you try to get the ship going again, it takes time to rev the engines and get momentum. No easy task.

I am in a similar stage after spending the last four years works at a start-up and having recently left at probably one of the most invigorating times during those four years. The recovery process has already begun. I spent part of the morning with a few co-workers reminiscing and thinking up ideas for new stuff to build and potential business opportunities. The challenge now becomes taking enough time to decompress while not losing that killer instinct to build something new and exciting.

I ran across a job site called which seems to be a good overview of new opportunities. Some interesting stuff, especially outside of the industries I am more familiar with.

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